Folder structure and permissions for a nonprofit

If you are a nonprofit, chances are you have an organizing board. These include members like a secretary, president, VP, and maybe a few additional list of people.

You want a folder structure that can scale from 1 to 15 people really easily when starting out.

We highly recommend using gsuite by google. If you are a 501c3 nonprofit, the $6/user month fee is waived. You only need 2-3 licenses at most starting out

Here's what we recommend, using a 3 folder structure

  • Founders - <3 people access
  • Executive - 3-8 people access
  • Organizers - 3-15 people access

The founders folder is only accessible to the 3 people legally listed under your state's filing for the nonprofit. These documents have the following information

  • Legal Docs - EIN numbers, incorporation docs, bylaws, tax exempt docs, and anything else by the state. These could also include banking documents too
  • Meeting Notes - In the event of an audit from the IRS, you need to establish forum minutes. We may move this elsewhere later

For executive folder, we recommend this as a place for any major organizational leaders, past and present, to have access to these files. These include all founders as well. These docs serve as a day-to-day function for hosting events, fundraisers, accounting, ordering, and more. People with access to these folders should be effectively able to run the org without any intervention from past leader support. Here are those files:

  • Accounting - any expenditure reports. We track things on a spreadsheet, link to invoice in adjacent column
  • forms-and-data - google forms and their collected data for data analytics, sign ins, etc. Spreadsheets, CRMs, etc
  • Sponsor-decks - any sales pitch decks go here
  • Vendor - vendor documents from third parties. These include COI (Certificate of insurance) from food caterers or videographers
  • Writing-Drafts - these are copypaste templates for newsletter, linkedin correspondance, etc

For organizers folder, we recommend this to be accessible to anyone interested in volunteering for your organization. These docs include things like commonly used design assets, promotional materials, branding guidelines, and things that would otherwise be accessible on a public website. Here's how we organize ours at TampaDevs

  • DesignAssets - logos,fonts, affinity designer files, banners, flyers, slide_themes, swag designs
  • Events - hackathon, major collab events, etc
  • TechTalks - slide presentation intros for our techtalks. Also, presenters will send their slidedecks sometimes in .pptx or google lside format
  • Videos - all of our instagram ready promotional material. We put sizzle reels here for sponsors and interested parties to share out

Hopefully this helps you establish a guideline for organizational structure at your nonprofit. This structure is actually based off how UCF Hacks runs their largest student org hackathons

Simple and flat folder layout structures are always best starting out

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