Describe the hat your wearing

Software companies require people from different disciples to run. Developers write code. Business people communicate specs to the developers. Managers ensure everyone plays together nicely.

But what if you work at a small company or team? Say 3 people.

Let's say your the head developer. But you write business specs and design prototypes too. AKA a person who wears many hats

I've worked with someone like that. I could never tell whether we were talking about technical specs, or business specs for a project.

Those meetings were brutal. I had information overload processing what felt like several meetings into one.

I've had the luxury to work at a company where things are more sane. And organized. And more structured.

There's one product manager I respect who is both a subject matter expert, developer, and product manager.

"Let me put on my developer hat", she says

It makes a world of difference when someone states that. I can forget about business requirements. I can forget about design. I can just focus on engineering architecture and the bugs we're trying to squash at hand because it was supposed to be shipped out yesterday.

If your a technical manager, it's easy to get caught in the moment. To forget what the other side is experiencing.

I think more technical managers and CTOs should do this.

State the hat your wearing. Your teammates will thank you later

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