Best free safe fonts for logos

Logo is an identity for a brand, and a font is one of it's major elements. A good font goes along way when done.

There's a number of good paid fonts for professional design. Some include, but not limited to:

  • Avenir
  • Proxima Nova
  • Helvetica

However, with these commercial font license things can be rather pricy. We're talking about $300 to $1000 for all the font weight variations (light, thick, medium, oblique, italics, etc).

If you run a small startup or organization like we do at Tampa Devs, then you probably find paying for this overkill

System safe fonts that are preloaded on Windows are an option as well. Popular Sans Serif font types include these:

  • Segue UI Bold
  • Arial

Amongst other font types. But if you want something that's free, and most web designers use, that's also a safe font fallback for web and computer systems, I'd suggest going with google fonts

Why Google Fonts?

They're all free, under the open font license rules. It's one link away for your print shop, T-Shirt shop, banner shop to download, all in one convenient zip file. It's accessible as a CDN library font to use on any website as well.

For Google Fonts, these tend to be the most popular ones, from when I used to work at a creative agency:

  • Nunito
  • Rubik
  • Monsterrat (similar to Avenir)

A link to google fonts found here

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