2017 into 2018

Its year 2018 and I still haven't reflected upon all the things I achieved last year, or things I want to do this year. So I will do it now. After digging through all my profiles (stackoverflow, github, bookmarks, projects, photos on phone, workout log, and journal log), this is a comprised list of things I achieved, and what things I want to finish in the future

My last years achievements that I did on my free time :) 2017

Development & Work 2017

Habits, Social, & Fitness 2017

  • 7 months of training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu, but I retired it after getting a back injury
  • I did my first outdoor mountain climb!
  • I couldn't do full chest dips before, but now i can
  • Couldn't really do a unassisted chinup before, but now I can
  • Learn to write better work in progress
  • habit -> 30 days of programming nonstop and continuing +
  • habit -> 90 days of anki flashcards almost every morning
  • habit -> One whole year of weekly sprint journalling with dynalist! (also this marks 1yr 2 months using dynalist I think)
  • I built a home gym setup (Minimal Space)

My new year's resolution 2018

Development & Work 2018

  • Finish 2 work projects
  • Finish freecodecamp frontend certification things + possibly more of it down the road
  • Build a todo-mvc app on watchandcode.com About 40% done
  • Rebuild blog again by learning writing a custom underscores wordpress theme. Alternative is to build my own jekyll blog from scratch
  • Possibly build a NAND2tetris app and finish CS50 to learn basic comp sci + potentially more indepth courses (design patterns, data structs). Teachyourselfcs.com if I finish some things early.
  • Finish some other courses (few from "You don't know JS like ASYNC") to have so I can have a better depth of frontend tech (HTML/CS / JS)
  • Learn React and NodeJS and build a test app from it. Other libraries as needed
  • Write more expressive code using airbnb javascript styleguides
  • Haven't really put too much thought on personal projects, I did want to use dynalist API to make a table-of-contents scroller though. From there who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • Other Maybes, possibly not-goals (Learn Vagrant + linux + php + lamp stack, make some money on cryptocurrency exchanges, learning PHP in greater detail / laravel, picking up haskell / learning more python, making some python projects on the side, Possibly make youtube tech tutorials.
  • Learn the ukelele (I have one coming next week~!)

Habits, Social, & Fitness 2018

  • Do a full gymnast L-Sit spent 4 months trying this, cannot do yet /r/bodyweightfitness :muscle:
  • Do a full unassisted pullup wide grip
  • Do a full pistol squat
  • Do a skin-the-cat row pull
  • Do an unassisted handstand may not happen this year
  • Buy an olympic bar and a power-rack, I need a bigger home gym
  • Habit: Post a blog about something at least once every 2 weeks, probably Saturday morning

I have this set on tabsnooze to see if I accomplish any of this next year. Also I put my workout routines on hold since I pulled a neck muscle, had bad form and lifted too much in cold weather.

I tried to be as realistic as possible for things I want to accomplish in 2018. Things that are within my ability to finish. I tend to set the bar low so hopefully I get a pleasant surprise at the end of the year

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